Bubs 2014

So, another year done at the races. Better than last year with all the rainouts, but not much. We arrived at Bubs already a day late, but were not too bothered as the first day was very wet and the next had only 6 runs all day as the winds came up. The drive in was unreal as there was water for the first mile and a half and the pits were half flooded. The courses and pits were moved from previous years to try and find dry salt. We trailered bikes everywhere to avoid the water!
Greg and I both made it through tech---a whole nother tale but the rant can wait, and headed to line up. I went out on the 750 and it ran well but would not pull as it used to, ran 178 when I was shooting for 208 --- and some dolt forgot to turn on the data logger!
Greg left after me and the girls said the bike sounded awesome, and Greg reported that it had pulled like a freight train and was on rails when the clutch went away. So back to pits for both of us.
Pulled the lock up clutch and replaced it with a standard in the Busa and looked over the 750 for any problems.
My next run was a repeat of 178 but I did remember to turn on the logger--- though when we went to look at the data it seems it turned itself off after second gear-- not much info!
Greg was having starting issues and we chased gremlins all day. Finally found injector problems we got sorted but the water moved onto the course and we ended up being done.
We found that the new gear based boost controller on the 750 was not set as we wanted and it was only giving 9lbs after second gear, got that sorted so we would be ready for WOS .