World of Speed 2014

We worked feverishly on the bodywork -- the paint was drying on the way to Wendover. We hoped we had all the bugs out of the bikes.
Greg and I were to share the Busa and we dragooned our good friend Dave Damon, to give the 750 a try. Tech was ever so much easier at WOS where they actually checked for safety items! The only glitch came with the battery mounted ahead of the speedo, were were not allowed to run naked.
Conditions were still very wet. About the first mile in was under water and as at Bubs, the courses were moved to try and find some dry salt. I had the first ride on the Busa and it was a wild one. I thought I was going to be spit off and turned out at about 140.
We took the big weights off the swing arm and I went out for a test lap. I told Greg I was going to only run through 4 if it felt good. It was a bit sketchy til about 180 and then it smoothed out. When Greg came to fetch me he asked if I knew how fast I was going. Turns out i had been accelerating the entire time and turned out at 228 MPH.
And this turned out to be fast time of the meet for a sit-on bike!
My next try was a bust as when checking the bike out the idiot mechanics forgot to tighten the throttle cable and on the 2-3 shift it came loose-----and turned out to be a blessing in disguise as the fuel foam was coming apart and the injectors were clogged. Would have gone lean and hurt something. Had to pull all 8 injectors, fuel pump and lines, and took the foam out and tossed it.

Greg was up next, but it had rained on the track at about the middle miles. He had a wild ride like mine but made it to 185 and rode it through the 5 to see if anything he could do would help. We could find nothing wrong with the bike and it was the last day so we packed it in.

Now for the report on the adventures of Dave Damon on the 750--- he did us proud! Dave had never ridden the 750, never ridden a turbo bike, and never ridden a naked bike at the salt.
His first run out Dave ran 187 mph on Greg's old 190 mph record in some lousy conditions. His next run out he went 191 which was a qualifier but he elected not to take it and try to go faster. Which he promptly did--- 196 mph run! He took this one, and the next morning missed the record by hundredths, dang it!!
We sent him out again and he ran 195 mph! Out the next morning he was at 190 mph when the bike slowed. In the pits we discovered 0 compression in number 4 cylinder. ( We made Dave help pull the engine when we got home, he did an excellent job of burning through the piston!!, spare motor was put in its place.)

All in all a great time.