2015 Year Report

It was a horrible year for the Salt in 2015. Every single event rained out ,including the rain date for Cooks. We spent time getting bikes prepped, finding faults in so much of the 750's wiring we chucked the whole harness. The 600 was finally running--after 4 years on the backburner!

We headed to Colorado for the first ever running of the Colorado Mile. This was to be Kim and Greg's first pavement event. As we only had the busa completed and running well,we prepped and took along my N/A GSXR dragbike. It was a great event and we saw so many of our salt friends.(Who knew they all lived in Colorado!)

They had lost all our licensing info we sent them so we had to license up. Kim and I ran the 750 while Greg played on the Busa. We each needed 4 passes upping our speeds to get an unlimited license. Greg got ther first and his first full throttle run was a 237 MPH blast, giving him top time of the meet so far.

Kim and I both had off-road excursions. The slow down area was pretty short and we both under estimated how much room we had. Neither of us went down, so all was good.  Unfortunately,the stator on the bike went away and we started having running issues with the low voltage so we never got a faster pass in. BUT, we all got into the  Colorado Mile 200 MPH club !!

There was a very high dollar Nissan GTR that had had the fasest time until Greg ran and they worked long and hard trying to beat him, running several passes in low 230 MPH area, before spending all night on the car and going 242 IIRC. SHUCKS!

Colorado was a great time, and Greg was still the fastest bike!

We tried really hard to get a bike ready for El Mirage but could not quite do it, so we went to spectate. As always there were lots of intersting vehicles and we got to hangout with a bunch of our friends---John Noonan, Pat Womack, Jim Hoogerhyde,etc. Maybe next year----

And then we worked some more on the bikes and got all 3 finished and dynoed, ready for anything! Including the little GSXR 600 turbo ---making 306 HP!!