2014 Fires in Australia

9 February 2014 - Fires

The summer of 2014 in Australia was one of the hottest on records, with weeks on end where temperatures were near or over 40 degrees celcius.

Greg is a member of the Country Fire Aauthority (CFA) and often is called to fight fires in his local farming district.

Not long after returning home from a motorbike ride with friends, he was called out to a fire that started at Wungnuh, a few kilometres west of his farm.  The day was 44 with strong gusting winds.

After fighting the fire for a while, the wind changed and Greg headed home to prepare his farm and home from the approaching fire.

They loaded up the cars with important things (pictures, computers etc) and his wife, Marg, left.  Greg stayed and all he could save was the house.  The racebike workshop was lost, the farm machinery shed lost. He was able to shift some of the farm machinery out into the open, so not all was lost.

Although he pulled the racebikes out of the workshop and left them in that open space infront, it wasn't enough.  He thinks the "Busa might be salvageable, but the 750 has just come up to 'replacement time".  No front end, just a pile of molten aluminum.

Greg said all the fuel and gas around the place was exploding like he was standing in the middle of the 4 July display.

As a consequence of this terrible regional fire, Black Art Racing will be in rebuild mode for 2014.  Having lost all the aerodynamic body work designs for the 750 and Busa, new bodywork will need to be created.  The 750 will be a complete new build build, while the Busa will be a rebuild.

If you would like to help, visit our facebook site for details on donations or go to Paypal to help with the rebuild (access via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Black Art Racing will rise from the ashes and be back for a return run in 2014.