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Black Art Racing’s domain is land speed records. This team is on the world stage of high land speed records with average speeds of more than 350km per hour (that’s more than 220mph)!

Land speed racing asks what you are capable of, where your faith in others stops, and whether you can live in the ‘here and now’ as you focus on going faster than anyone else has ever been without leaving the ground.

There is no place in land speed racing for men’s and women’s classes – everyone is equal and race based on engine size and aerodynamics. At speeds which see riders move faster than a jumbo jet that is already 4,000 feet off the ground, egos have no place on the salt flat.

Only six people have ever gone over 200mph on a 750cc bike – Black Art Racing accounts for half of that elite group. The team also boasts the world’s fastest 750cc bike and has done since 2008.

While these racers might be achieving speeds at the absolute limit and much faster than the likes of the multi-million dollar-backed MotoGP outfits which most equate with the image of ‘fast bikes’, they do so from their sheds and garages with tools available to everyone. It all comes down to tenacity and a total and absolute commitment to success.


  • Greg Watters
    Greg Watters

    First (and only) Australian motorcycle land speed racer to gain an SCTA license for speeds over 250mph.

  • Kim Krebs
    Kim Krebs

    The fastest female on a sit-on motorcycle ever in 2016. First Australian woman to set a record over 200mph to join the ‘200Club’.

  • Jim Higgins
    Jim Higgins

    Breaking into the Bonneville 200mph after missing the average required on the previous two runs by one tenth of a mile per hour.


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