Black Art Racing is currently preparing for it’s next land speed racing season.

In particular, efforts are underway to take the team to Bolivia for the first time to contest the Top of the World Speed Trials at Salar de Uyuni in July.

While all events require a strong commitment from the team, racing in Bolivia is such a unique undertaking that only the elite competitors are even able to consider it. This very small competitor pool means the costs can be high – with entry fees expected to be around $15,000 per rider, with other costs to consider including shipping the bikes from Australia to Bolivia at an anticipated cost of another $15,000. Even so, Black Art Racing is committed to doing whatever is required to ensure they can take on the best of the best at Salar de Uyuni, Bonneville and Lake Gairdner.

Annual Calendar:

• February – Coalinga Half Mile, California (USA)

• March – Australian Land Speed trails, Lake Gairdner, South Australia

• March – World Land Speed Trials, Lake Gairdner, South Australia

• April – Mojave Mile, Mojave, California (USA)

• May – El Mirage, California (USA)

• July – Top of the World Speed Trials, Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

• August – Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials, Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah (USA)

• August – Cook’s Shootout, Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah (USA)

• August – Southern California Timing Association’s Speed Week

• September – World of Speed, Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah (USA)

• September – Colorado Mile, Front Range International Airport, Denver Colorado, (USA)

A partnership with Black Art Racing will see supporters not only taken on the ‘ride of their life’ but also championed by well-spoken and proven representatives on a unique and exciting platform across three countries to not only a wide fan base but also a large yet close-knit community of competitors

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