Black Art Racing fields two main bikes in Australia, and a further three in the United States – with two more currently in the works. All of the bikes are turbo-charged.

In Australia a 750cc Suzuki GSXR and a 1407cc Suzuki Hayabusa are run, while in the US the team fields a 1407cc Suzuki Hayabusa, a 750cc Suzuki GSXR and a 600cc Suzuki GSXR. A 620cc Suzuki GSXR and a 125cc Honda are also in the works. The 750cc bikes produce more than 350 brake horsepower and the 1407cc bikes produce well over 500 brake horsepower, all from the mechanical ingenuity of Black Art Racing. Even the baby 600cc bike makes 315 horsepower!!

The development undertaken on the US bikes at Bonneville in August-September of each year is transferred to the Australian bikes for Lake Gairdner in March, and similarly any development and improvements made in Australia are transferred to the US machines – as a result, Black Art Racing has consistently improved meeting to meeting in recent years despite a game-changing fire in February of 2014 which wiped out the entire Australian bike inventory.

“The fire gave us the opportunity to reshape our land speed racing. Although we are still a lean team, running on our own determination and funded by savings, we have managed to rebuild ourselves to be highly regarded by the world’s land speed racing community – we are very proud of that,” said Kim.

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