Black Art Racing: everyday people using everyday tools to create extraordinary outcomes

Using tools everyone can access in backyard sheds and garages just like those of your clientele, Black Art Racing creates bikes which break records on the world stage.

Specially developed for land speed racing – the fastest landbased sport in the world – racer and machine are pushed past the limit to the highest speeds possible while still on the ground.

Indeed, only six people have ever gone over 200mph on a 750cc bike – Black Art Racing accounts for half of that elite group. The team also boasts the world’s fastest 750cc bike and has done since 2008.

Black Art Racing understands that what you are looking for is not an opportunity to sponsor a team, but an opportunity to achieve your business goals.

Because of this, the team would welcome any opportunity to discuss with you directly how a tailored business partnership can be created to meet and exceed your exact needs.

While extending this invitation, the team recognises the importance of knowing who you are supporting in any business partnership, and so respectfully offers you the following background information for your consideration while awaiting the opportunity to present to you personally.

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